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If you're looking for high end outdoor gear then this is the place to go. All the staff are highly knowledgeable, helpful and extremely friendly. JamesD

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About our Service

Outdoor Traders is an independant outdoor retailer specialising in the assessment, fitting and alteration of footwear to promote neutral biomechanics for all applications.

With 25 years experience manufacturing custom made footbeds (often referred to as orthotics), Outdoor Traders has invested in equipment and clinical assessment devices to improve our ability to help our clients select the most appropriate type of footwear and support.

In many cases, the incorrect selection of footwear and inadequate support in today's mass produced footwear can leave the wearer in significant discomfort, forcing the foot to function in an un-natural manner. The Masterfit University, Anatom Academy and RS Scan trained fitters employed at OT have been taught to evaluate your foot structure and select the correct piece of footwear to suit each individual's needs.

Outdoor Traders also works with local chiropractic, podiatric and physiotherapy professionals to ensure our clients are recieving comprehensive service.


An orthotic is a device or support for the foot, both prefabricated and custom made, used to promote neutral foot mechanics and interface the foot correctly into any type of footwear.

Outdoor Traders carries a wide range of prefabricated and customisable orthotic devices to enable the best and most appropriate support and fitting for each client.

Outdoor Traders uses Instaprint footbeds to ensure a neutral stance in any type of footwear.


A great footbed is only one part of the equation, however. The footwear you wear can have a huge impact on your feet, as it's your shoes that assist in the accommodation of surface irregularity and can help reduce the pressures that your feet experience during gait.

Critical to the process is the selection of footwear, Outdoor Traders carries a large selection of lifestyle and multi activity footwear from leading brands such as Salomon, Aku, Meindl and many more.


Outdoor Traders is open 7 days a week, and offers appointments at our clients' convenience. Appointments can be made by calling the shop or by clicking here.

Outdoor Traders staff are always available to discuss the individual needs of our clients free of charge prior to performing more detailed pressure mapping and biomechanical assessments.